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Time to play Meek-a-Moo! With its appealing animals, this game is sure to charm any kid. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Meek-a-Moo is an educational app for the very young that uses a game format to teach. It lets kids meet friendly animals in their home environments, play hide-and-seek with them, learn some Spanish, and just have a good time.

Play & Learn
Over a period of years, AZ Books has accumulated vast experience in publishing educational books for children. We believe that children learn through play, so in developing Meek-a-Moo’s two modes, our goal was to create a harmonious mix of benefit and pleasure.

Younger children will love the Learn mode. As soon as they open it, domestic and wild animals come to life: a cute dog wags its tail, a cheerful fish jumps out of the water, and a lively rabbit munches a carrot. Little explorers can learn the names of animals, hear the sounds they make, and enjoy tapping each animal to see its funny animation.

The second mode, Play, is a great way for kids to reinforce the knowledge they’ve gained. In this mode, a new friend tries to hide behind the fence or bushes, or in the room. Kids can hear it making noise. Little players need to guess what the animal it is and then click the necessary button. Using three tips, your curious explorers will do this with great pleasure. 

Look & Tap
The inhabitants of the farm, home, zoo, and lake come to life with a touch. It’s so much fun to tap the animals and play with them, and the eye-catching illustrations can keep kids occupied for hours. Kids’ smiles are sure to show how much they appreciate each lively animal!

Listen & Repeat
Native English and Spanish speakers pronounce the names of all the animals. In the app’s settings, you can switch from English to Spanish and back. 

As kids tap the animals, they’ll discover that all of them can speak in their own languages—the dog says woof, the cow says moo, and guess who says quack!—so your little explorer will soon learn not only English and Spanish, but also a funny animal language. With real sounds and professional narration, this app makes learning interesting, easy, and even exciting!

Its kid-friendly interface is very simple and includes no complicated menus, so kids can play Meek-a-Moo without an adult’s help. An interactive map with four scenes encourages kids to make their own choices. They can choose the desired scene and play with lively animals. The map also helps kids distinguish all the animals and remember their home environments. Meek-a-Moo is a wonderful app that lets you and your kids play and explore the animal kingdom together.

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