• Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies: Let`s get To Work!

    Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies: Let`s get To Work!

    Firefighter! Builder! Zookeeper! These are just some of the amazing jobs The Bubble Guppies explore in this incredible pop-up sound book. So get ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of jobs with The...

  • Fashion Collection

    Fashion Collection

    Join the six Charmie Girls in creating and designing all kinds of beautiful handicrafts. From coloring velvet-outlined pictures, to designing lanterns and new, stylish outfits, this Charmie Girls series provides...

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

    Combining lights, merry melodies , beautiful illustrations and sweet text,these Twinkling Lights interactive books are a perfect presentfor any kid. Press the button and the lights come on...then blow on the candles...

  • Disney Frozen: Loving Sisters

    Disney Frozen: Loving Sisters

    Relive the story of Frozen in this magical pop-up book. Join sisters Anna and Elsaas they learn about true love- the kind that anly two sisters can share.

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