AZ Books, LLC is one of the leading and most successful publishers of books for children.

There are more than 200 children`s books in our wide collection, each of which brings delight to children and surprises their parents. The secret of our books is magic:  They talk by themselves and ask  children questions, tell stories and sing songs. The  cleverness of our books comes from the work of their talented  creators and advanced technology. We publish talking alphabets and encyclopedias, charming fairytales and  musical books. We continue to publish  learning and training books for little children.

At the moment, AZ Books is top ranked in the U.S. children's book market! We are proud of our publications. At the annual international Book Expo America 2011, our company proved themselves to be  a successful publishing house with an excellent range of children's books.

Our catalog is constantly updated with new series of active, playing, learning, musical and talking books. We have developed, and are now producing unique computer-books with LCD displays, books with games and sound modules, talking encyclopedias and fairy tales. All of them are created by a team of professionals: designers, artists and editors skillfully turn the idea of the book into a wonderful gift for young readers.